Can there possibly be anything more breathtaking than a fresh new flower? Tree Peony here. The color, the delicacy, the scent. We are so lucky to see this beauty and possibility laid out before us each day. Gratitude.

As within, so without

Always, always, what we have been thinking is what we become. Just as the water reflects the world around it, our life reflects our dominant thoughts. Sometimes there is a surprise, a gem, a brightness in the mundanity. That’s the jewel of your heart.


This time she wanted to be sure I knew she had been there. I collect heart-shaped rocks at the BH because they remind me of my mother. Sometimes they find me,


Perfect orbs, dew fills a Lady’s Mantle cup so the devas and fairies are able to quench their thirst.


Perfection is fleeting….then again, it’s everywhere.


We may not always know precisely where we will end up, but we do know that we must keep on keeping on. Follow your heart.


The beauty of the light upon this earth-my reward on this day.


The moon is a waxing crescent in Cancer this morning, and the world is waxing too. Bursting forth, She proclaims her glorious presence.

She is always here

this morning the yellow magnolia is unfolding her gifts to the world…..my gift is beauty and peace…….for all.


one by one, we move forward into spring…..cherry blossoms, pansies, iris, forget-me-nots,…..pink, white, blue. Each day brings another glory of the season

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