One Last Night


imageToday is their last day, so last night they wanted one more paddle. It’s been that sort of week: one more dinner out; one more chance to stay up late; one more big treat: 6 Flags! We’ve had a spectacular summer. We always do, because we create, and share, and listen to each other. We read, we cook, we argue and we hug each other goodnight. Simple is best, and I am content with simple.



I awoke this morning with the blanket snugly wrapped around me, and my bathroom floor was too cool for bare feet for the first time in months. The turning of the year is why I love my New England home: Fallen leaves carpet the brick patio, soup-making is on the agenda. This transition time between seasons calls to my soul, asking me to prepare because ┬áit’s time to let go and move on to something new. What is it that I need to know today? I will be quiet and listen.



imageIt is a perfect morning here on the porch wrapped in a blanket. The smell of the sea air, the bird calls echo through my childhood memories, and the sun on my face makes me smile. May this day bring peace and happiness, purpose and light, understanding and rest. Aho.



With no worries about the pups, we had the whole day yesterday to prowl around Rockport. We drove around the peninsula enjoying the ocean views and the storybook setting, and even visited the Gloucester Fisherman, the site of a photograph with their father and uncle 40+ years ago. That was surprising to them for some reason, silly kidneys. But, upon receiving his good-night hug, Jude revealed that the best part of the day was the penny candy selection. We all need a little excess now and then I guess!



imageIt might seem odd, but I spent my birthday at the cemeteries yesterday. I am lucky to have so many ancestors buried in one place-my family settled the town and there is a road and school named for them. It’s important to us to go there and remember, and to take care of the stones. My baby uncle’s stone has fallen over and was covered in lichen, so we scrubbed and scraped and made it beautiful again, along with two others, my parents’and grandparents’. It made us happy to see them like new again. I shared my memories with them, and now they have some more of their own.


While waiting out her dance class, he and I hang out at the bookstore, our favorite haunt. I borrow books from the library more these days, but I cannot help myself at the bookstore. I love the smell of books, I love to hold them, I love to have a stack ready by my chair. Upon arrival at the store he walks away and I don’t see him for an hour. Perfect.



imageJust a few lazy days left. They swam and dove and made new friends, I read and gazed at clouds. And then we went home to cook dinner together. It’s been a summer of simple fun and easy days, and I’m going to miss them so.



An evening paddle was the perfect way to top off our Sunday. Laser tag, outlet shopping and lamb stew for dinner. Not bad for a 90+ degree day. They both decided to try something different, paddling while prone. I’m doing well just to keep myself upright, so I simply watched and admired. They love being the center of attention.



We were shopping for art supplies for them to take home and, Halloween popped up! They couldn’t help themselves. Who can? Dress-up was one of my favorite childhood activities and it looks like they love it too.

Fire & Ice


It’s so hot and humid that one of the air conditioners began spewing ice chips last night! So, I thought a frosty photo was in order this morning. I am imagining leaning my forehead against this glass. I am remembering how my nose hairs twitch when I inhale this super-cold air. I long for a crisp cool morning. And, I know this weather will change. It always does.

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